Breast Reduction Surgeon Malibu

Breast Reduction Surgery Malibu

If you want to get the very best Malibu breast reduction surgeon, you’ve found it! We use industry leading methods, as well as cutting edge equipment. In Malibu’s breast reduction surgery field, we are known for our remarkable customer care, and extremely affordable prices!


What makes us the best?

We are experts in the breast reduction field, and have established ourselves as the premier facility for getting top quality cosmetic surgery. With years of training, we have made a lot of pleased customers. Look at our testimonials listed below!


What do I do now?

The first thing to do is to call us! We will have you meet one of our extremely trained specialists. We’ll be able to direct you to the best choice, considering all factors. We educate you on everything you will need to know for before, during, and after your surgery. Once your preliminary consultation is completed, we’ll have you on your way to having the very best looking you!



“”I COULD NOT be more pleased with the work that Dr. Mitchka did. I visited a number of other plastic surgeons, and I felt completely comfortable about choosing him. He not only explained to me every step of just what the treatment would look like, but he EDUCATED me about all facets of the procedure. I would strongly recommend Dr. Onciu to any friend searching for a trusted plastic surgeon!””

“”Dr. Mitchka and his group were absolutely AMAZING! Of all the cosmetic surgery clinics I went to, his was by far the most pleasant and professional. With years of experience, and highly skilled staff, I really felt completely at peace about not only selecting Dr. Onciu, but suggesting him to my friends trying to find a top quality cosmetic surgeon!””